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Muns & Muses

Mun Info:
Fill out this shit and then post it in a new comment titled with your name and shit. (THE CHARACTER STUFF COMES NEXT OKAY HANG ON!)

Character Info
Look, it's the same as above. You just reply to your own damn player comment with character info. Use whatever damn journal you want okay, we're not the damn police here.

Just follow the awesome example thread I put together down there that took me 14 hours and $50 in coffee (or I mean 10 minutes and a Snickers okay) and we'll be good. Don't fuck it up or Eri's head will explode and Kristi will make you eat the brains. AND THEN YOU'LL BE A ZOMBIE.


I'm implementing a new feature in Roanoke. PDA's. They're a bit like an advanced iPhone/web cam. This gives the residents the option to have video posts (Your character talking video to the entire city or simply one or two people) Text posts (your character leaving texts (emails) for one or more up to the entire city) or voice posts (your character talking voice only to the entire city or just one or two people) as well as the normal action/in person posts we're used to. Please label these posts [voice] muse name [video] muse name [text] muse name. It would be helpful if you'd also put in the header if it is voice, video or text. If it's action/in person there's no reason to add that to the header.

If you've got questions about this, you can ask them here. Since it's a new feature I'm sure we'll be ironing out kinks as we go.


Character Purge

I deleted a lot of characters from the taken list. However I have not kicked them out of the community yet. If your character was on the taken list and is now deleted but you still want to play here, let me know. I've stated before I don't care how many characters people have. I just want them played.

If I left yours on the taken list and you don't want to be here, let me know that too.


Here's the Deal

Okay guys here's the deal. I'm going to start advertising SIU and trying to get some more/new players in here. What I need from you guys is a roll call. I don't care how many characters you have as long as you keep them active but they do need to be somewhat active. So if you want to stay here, please comment with which characters you'd like to keep. If you don't want to stay, let me know that too. I've screened this post and roll call will continue for a week. After that, I'll start deleting characters that haven't responded to this.


New character

Hey! I'm bringing in Pam Beesly from the U.S. version of The Office. She's my first character in this RP and I'm still learning the ropes, so please feel free to let me know if I'm doing something incorrectly. :)

Pam will be arriving from mid-season 3, which means she's still very emotionally drained from calling off her marriage, dealing with Jim and Karen at work, and starting to quietly pursue her dreams of art.

Pam isn't situated yet here in Roanoke (AKA I'm right in the middle of finals week and have barely had time to touch my laptop), so if you see her around, give her a friendly wave. :) If there's anything you'd like to talk to me or Pam about, just PM me.

Nice to meet you all!


Event! Yay!

City Party! Celebrating summer and stuff. There will be music, food, dancing, fireworks, drinking etc etc. I'll put up a post detailing some of the stuff. That will be group post and everyone is welcome to post there, play with each other, interact etc etc. If you decide you want to do something on your own with pups at the City Party that's great! Make your own post (open or closed w/e I'm not picky) and make sure you add a little line to the header that says Event: City Party.

There is a new tag: [event] city party

Make sure and use this one your individual city party posts. Anything goes really. Just make sure if you're going to do something that affects other people, ask first. If you have questions about what's okay, comment here or send me a message through lj's messaging system. Nothing plotty or storyline or even planned, just have fun with it. Technically it will only go on for one afternoon and one night. However you can play City Party as long as you want. IE this is Monday (for me) If you have a busy week and don't get to play until Friday that's okay. Just put City Party in the event tag and header!


FYI stuff

Okay so randomly I got to thinking and decided I'd clarify on the subject of internet and the movies and TV.

Basically, Roanoke has all that. It's all current and what not. If your character is obsessed with Days of Our Lives, they'll get to watch it every day at noon (or whatever) just like they would in the real world. Roanoke gets the World Series, March Madness, Monday Night Football, NASCAR, College football etc etc. Residents can call their BFF in Roanoke on a cell phone or a land line. They can email, text message and IM. They can NOT contact anyone outside of Roanoke. It just doesn't work. All lines are busy. Roanoke's movie theater gets current movies. You can online shop and the post office in Roanoke will deliver your package. It's magic dude. Just go with it.
Hey, guys. I've loved this community for a long while, but I've been completely inactive here and that's not fair to anyone. I'll be bouncing out for a while while I get stuff situated over here. I hope to see you all again, soon.

Thanks for everything!

New character!

I totally just realised that I never popped in to say Hello! I've been a bit busy with other things and it managed to slip my mind.

Hello! I will be bringing in Gabriel Gray, though he's probably better known as Sylar. He will however be pre-season 1, which means that though he's killed Brian Davis, he's yet to kill Chandra Suresh etc. He has telekinesis, but guilt overpowers him almost whenever he uses it, so he rarely does.

He'll be setting up a time piece restoration shop in town, and living on his own. He's friendly, a bit shy, and a good catholic boy, or he tries at least. The killing was obviously a glitch.

Leave me a note if you'd like to scene anything, either here, in Gabriel's voice mail, or just PM me!

I need your help!

I need a favor/help/YOU

Okay so I didn't get to doing this over spring break but I'm gonna play with it and get it done in the next few days or whatever.

I need you to go here, here, and here

Check all these entries, let me know if your character is not listed there and what they are doing/living/etc. If I've got your character on there but it's wrong, let me know that too.

Thank you!! I should be coming up with a new event soonish. So if you've got suggestions for that, feel free to leave them here.