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Event! Yay!

City Party! Celebrating summer and stuff. There will be music, food, dancing, fireworks, drinking etc etc. I'll put up a post detailing some of the stuff. That will be group post and everyone is welcome to post there, play with each other, interact etc etc. If you decide you want to do something on your own with pups at the City Party that's great! Make your own post (open or closed w/e I'm not picky) and make sure you add a little line to the header that says Event: City Party.

There is a new tag: [event] city party

Make sure and use this one your individual city party posts. Anything goes really. Just make sure if you're going to do something that affects other people, ask first. If you have questions about what's okay, comment here or send me a message through lj's messaging system. Nothing plotty or storyline or even planned, just have fun with it. Technically it will only go on for one afternoon and one night. However you can play City Party as long as you want. IE this is Monday (for me) If you have a busy week and don't get to play until Friday that's okay. Just put City Party in the event tag and header!