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I'm implementing a new feature in Roanoke. PDA's. They're a bit like an advanced iPhone/web cam. This gives the residents the option to have video posts (Your character talking video to the entire city or simply one or two people) Text posts (your character leaving texts (emails) for one or more up to the entire city) or voice posts (your character talking voice only to the entire city or just one or two people) as well as the normal action/in person posts we're used to. Please label these posts [voice] muse name [video] muse name [text] muse name. It would be helpful if you'd also put in the header if it is voice, video or text. If it's action/in person there's no reason to add that to the header.

If you've got questions about this, you can ask them here. Since it's a new feature I'm sure we'll be ironing out kinks as we go.