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Okay so this week is spring break for me. I'll get some cleaning up done (I've already removed and talked to muns about a few inactive characters) I'll get addresses in shape and that kind of thing.

We've got a few new members so I'm going to address a couple of questions that came up that I thought might not be clear to everyone.

Multiple Posts: You can have characters in more than one post at one time as long as you're not neglecting one post for another. Please try to make sure you are in multiple posts coinciding with each other IC time. (don't have lunch with X and be watching movies with Y at lunch time on Tuesday...etc etc)

Time: How it works. Basically it works just like real time. Today in Roanoke is Friday March 13 around 2009. Tomorrow will be Saturday. However, once you start a post with a character it is that day for as long as the post goes on unless you rp the characters starting the next day in THAT post. Make sense?

We won't put time constraints on posts. They can go on for weeks or months or whatever. Every little action/day etc does not have to be played out with the characters. IE it's accepted that on a daily basis they get up, they shower, they go to work, they eat, they live their daily lives.

Questions? Comments? Things you want/need me to do this week? Put 'em here.


Hey. I'm dropping out of the game- that means Serena van der Woodsen and Mikaela Banes will be gone.

Goodbye! It was fun while it lasted XD
Hey everyone, I'm Eri and I thought I'd introduce Tyra here and let you all know what she'll be up to.

If you aren't familiar with the Friday Night Lights character, Tyra's a blunt, very sarcastic and comfortable with her sexuality kind of girl. At seventeen, she'll be a senior in high school here. Having lived in a small town all her life, she knows how to entertain herself when there's not much to do, aka, when all the bars recognize and refuse her entrance.

She'll end up browbeating her ex, Tim Riggins, into helping her throw house parties every once in awhile when the tiny town of Roanoke gets too boring for her. Everyone should come join in the shenanigans, get into trouble and probably get chased away by cops eventually.


Okay some of you know that Roanoke is prone to spit stuff out for it's residents to deal with. In the past this has been everything from Monster snowstorms to dinosaurs. Since we're up and running again the catastrophes are about to start hitting again. I've got a little bit of something in mind for now but I would like to know what you guys would like to see happening. Remember this is Roanoke, anything is possible.

For those of you new to SIU, I'll explain how events will run a bit. They will vary in their limitations (IE during the monster snow storm, I gave you warning and told you that your character would be snowed in for a pre-determined amount of time) some of them will transport your muses to public places (should you sign up for that) and lock you up there. Some of them will isolate them. In general I will let each 'event' run for a week or so. During that time you may make posts with the tag and header tag of [event] whateveritmaybethisweek. Pretty much anything can happen to your character during that time that you want. You drive and write what happens. If you want your character horribly burned in the freak fires that are raging across Roanoke you will do that. I will not. However, remember your character does have to deal with the consequences of these events. They will not be magically taken away when the event is over (except in special circumstances which would be explained at the time of the event)

I will always announce an event on this community. I may not/probably will not tell you what is happening but I will give you a time frame so you can look for it. When the event happens there will be an event post made in the IC community by this journal. That (in general) is not for your character to post to. It is merely an announcement of what is happening.

For the few muses we have with precognition in this community. I will give you a more detailed description of what is happening (not everything but more details than everyone gets)and if you like you may have your muse warn with a VAGUE warning. Think Isaac's paintings in Heroes. Stills of something without context. You don't want to ruin/giveaway much. You may speak with other muns and use their muses in this VAGUE telling of the events. If you are curious if it's vague enough, show it to me first.

Okay, I think that's it. I have to go to class. Welcome new muses, look for an event in the next few days and if you've got questions/suggestions/something you're dying to see happen, post it here!

Anyone open for a scene?

Back on the 18th, I started a thread called "Settling in at the Hospital," so far no one has tagged into it and I hate to abandon it and start a new one. Is anyone up for an encounter at the hospital? It doesn't matter to me if you want to come in as a patient, looking for a job, or just happen to find yourself there, I'm just interested in getting my muse active. I've no one here from my fandom so, all my play will be build from cross-fandom play. Luka is an ER Attending as he's only been in Roanoke a short time, and his son Joe, is up in the daycare center, a teacher or aide there would also be a great character addition.

Thanks in advance,
JD/mun to Luka and Joe Kovac

Character Owned Businesses

This is not a full list of businesses in Roanoke. Nor is it a full list of places your character can work. It is a list of businesses owned by characters. If your character wishes to work in one of these places, you must contact the mun first and arrange that. All other non-character owned businesses, your character can start immediately without any discussion between muns provided your character is qualified to work in the job. If your character has a business in their canon (history for original characters) let the mods know and it can come with your character to Roanoke. It will be added to this list.

|The Burnt Toast Diner|
A diner owned by Claire Bennet.

|Clothes over Bros|
Clothes over Bros is a specialized women’s clothing store owned by Brooke Davis—designer. She also takes special requests.

|The Catscratch|
A Gentleman's club owned and operated by Amy.

|Immoral Liaisons|
Nightclub owned by Faith Lehane. Allows 18+ but serves alcohol with hand stamps.

|Luke's Diner|
A diner owned and operated by Luke Danes

|Singer Salvage|
A salvage yard owned by Bobby Singer.

|Stark Industires|

Stark Industries is owned and operated by Tony Stark. They’re diversifying right now and produce a great number of medical supplies and drugs.

|Wayne Enterprises|

Wayne Enterprises is owned and operated by Bruce Wayne. They work in technological advances, basically making shiny things for people to buy and love. Apple but so much cooler.

|Winchester Garage|
The garage is owned by John Winchester. He specializes in older cars but can fix most anything.

|Tea Wiles|

A tea and coffee shop owned by Inara Serra. She has lattes, coffee and teas of all sorts ready to order. Customers can also buy tea and coffee grounds and equipment.

Most Wanted

These are the people we most want to see in Roanoke. If you'd like to add to this list, please comment below:

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Mod Contact

This is the place to contact your mods. Let us know if something's up, you have a special request or a haitus that you don't want to share with everyone. You can also suggest storylines here. Comments are screened.

What Now?

You’re here. Now What?

So you’ve been pulled to Roanoke. Congratulations! The question is, now what?

You’ll need a place to stay. Lorelai Gilmore runs The Dragonfly Inn and everyone is welcome to stay there while in transient for a moderate fee. Once you’re a bit more established however, you might want to look into a more permanent residence. Go here . This functions as Roanoke’s Real Estate office. Pick a place to live, keep in mind the income you’ve entered with and the income you’ll be able to get once you’re established here. If you’d like to see where everone else is living you can check that out here

Yes, unless you are Tony Stark or a Petrelli, you’re probably going to need a job. There are many around Roanoke. We’ve got all the usual businesses; a hospital, school, movie theater, bookstore, coffee shop, diners, restaurants, hardware stores, etc etc. We even have Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises! As long as you’re qualified, you can have a job at any of these places. If the place of business is run by someone in particular (For example Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne) you need to make certain to schedule an interview with them.

If you see a need for a business and you’d like to open it and run it, provided you have the means to do so or you can feasibly acquire them via a bank loan or private loan, then you’re more than welcome to open it and run it. Some of you, your businesses followed you here.

If you need new clothes, Brooke Davis has a Clothes Over Bros store and she takes requests for designs. There's also many other stores around town that can help you clothe, decorate and feed yourself.

Now that we’ve covered what you should do, there are a few things you should know about Roanoke.

You can’t leave. Yes, yes I know that’s quite upsetting. However, it’s true. We don’t know why you were pulled here and no one in town ‘did it’. The good news is, Roanoke is a pleasant sort of town. Rather small and you get to know most everyone. You need to be careful at night, stay in populated and well lighted areas. We’ve a forest nearby and animals often run amok. Your bank account from your previous life has followed you here. If you were wealthy there, you’re very lucky because you’re wealthy here.

The weather in Roanoke is middle of the road. We’ve got snow in the winter, sun in the summer. Humidity is mild, rainfall is average. There’s a forest, lake, river and even a bit of a beach. There’s a town square at the center of town and the business are arranged around it. We’ve a Mayor’s Mansion and Mayor Nathan Petrelli lives there.

We’ve got a police department with an excellent force under the guidance of Police Chief Jim Gordon. There’s a kindergarten through twelfth grade school with excellent teachers. There’s a football team, basketball team, track team and volleyball team. Mercy Hospital is a modern, up-to-date facility with some wonderful doctors. The Emergency Room is open and fully staffed at all hours. Should you work at the hospital there is a day care provided for the employees. Rory Gilmore operates a weekly newspaper. You can go here if you’d like to submit something, write one a regular basis or sign up to be interviewed. It is published weekly-ish (she’s a high school student and school work comes first).

Any other questions, comments or concerns can be posted here. If it’s valid to the rest of the community, it will be added to this guide.